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In working with Heather for more than a year, often sharing cases with her, I have only heard positive feedback. As the clinical director of a substance abuse and mental health treatment center, my experience with peer and coaching support has often been negative. These adjunctive service providers often give advice and don't allow families to come to important conclusions that often have life and death implications. Not with Heather. She has the ability to challenge families with support, encouragement, and personal experience to assist in normalizing the process. She is knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly, caring. She truly helps validate the experience of her clients while guiding a process of thoughtful growth. Creating space for difficult conclusions with a sense of peace and calm embodies her approach.

For over 25 years, I have been struggling to endure and survive my son’s serious addiction issues. I was told repeatedly that there was nothing I could do but watch and wait. I could pray for him and hope that his bottom, which he was supposed to hit before he could ever get better, wasn’t death.  Then I was introduced to Heather. She has been a total game changer for me. She’s educated me with a new concept, that I am entitled to help myself and my family-not only to survive, but to live-and live happily. In doing so, I am helping my son by using communication skills she's taught me and they are allowing him to change as well. I am learning to resist the urge to try and “fix” my son and instead, let my son “fix” himself. Heather’s understanding of addiction and its consequences, not only for the patient, but the family as well,will be a true gift to those willing to meet and work with her. Being a Family Peer Recovery Coach is her true passion.  Heather is a genuine, non-judgmental, great listener who will share her knowledge and guide you with encouragement to take back what is rightfully yours-your life! She will do so through whatever means of communication works best for you-phone, video conferencing, etc. She networks across the country and she willingly shares videos, books and hard earned knowledge.  If you love an addict…if you want your life back…call Heather!

Andrew Baker, Clinical Director
Comprehensive Wellness Center

Judy B.

I've known Heather for over three years now. We met when I first attended a mutual support group meeting in my town. As I got to know her, and I was struck by the effort she puts into applying recovery principles into her life. Her kind, thoughtful, caring and generous nature was also very apparent to me. We are both in two different 12-step programs of recovery and Heather works hard at applying the 12-steps to her life as well as to giving back to others. She is an awesome recovery coach for everyone she works with!

My Christian mentor said to me that there is no testimony without a “Test” and when my life spiraled out of control trying to understand my 22 year old daughter and her addiction I knew I was officially in a big TEST. I’m so grateful that Heather has been there for me. When choosing to work through something like this, who better to walk with you than someone who can meet you where you’re at that is coming from a place of experience. This journey has been difficult but I’m so thankful that Heather is walking it with me. I am learning how to be a listener without trying to fix issues that are not mine. I’m learning that there are a lot of things that I have no control over.  A lot of what I have learned is transferring over to other aspects of my life and it’s working. Thank you Heather for YOU!

Debbie F.

Sally O.

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