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Addiction impacts millions of families, yet effective care remains out of reach for many of them.  My goal is to provide personalized support and resources for families impacted by addiction. Research shows that when families are engaged, the odds of success for the person with a substance use disorder increase dramatically. When a family is empowered with tools and skills and are enabled to find answers, they can positively impact the lives of their loved ones toward change. You are your loved ones greatest champion and advocate and my role is to be yours.

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"Heather is an exceptional coach. She finds the balance between support and education. Not in offering answers for the families and clients she coaches, but by helping them arrive at conclusions regarding setting boundaries, appropriate self-care, and challenging themselves  and their loved ones to grow. "
Andrew Baker, Clinical Director
Comprehensive Wellness Center

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The Partnership to  End Addiction

"Remember, addiction is not a moral failing. We must remind people that they are loved, they have value, there is no place for blame, and there is help. Compassion and empathy can help to save lives."

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